Welcome to the wonderful world of Weely Wheelchair​​ and friends! Weely is a loveable character from a new children’s story by Marilyn Thomas-Williams, a Welsh writer, director, and producer of children’s stories. A short time ago, Marilyn saw a documentary on St. Jude’s hospital, a world-renowned care center for children (www.stjude.org).  The documentary included stories of many brave children who needed to be in wheelchairs for one reason or another.  Marilyn was deeply touched when she saw these children and felt the overwhelming need to create a fun character and lively friends to help children through the process of adapting to a wheelchair. 


Inspired, she began to write a story called  “Magical Dream” about three wheelchair friends called Weely, Tista and Benzz.  Weely is a loveable character with large, warm smiling eyes.  Tista is a wheelchair ballerina who loves to dance, and Benzz is a somewhat eccentric guy who is proud to carry bright chrome oxygen tanks and loves wearing sun glasses.

Marilyn envisions little boys and girls having fun interacting with the characters. She imagines Weely and friends taking these beautiful children on magical adventures, allowing them to feel free and experience all their fantasies!  

Marilyn believes in the design of destiny which brought Art Ellis onto her path.  Art is an accomplished artist, writer and musician with over 20 years experience in licensed character creation, development and production. Having worked with Disney, Warner Bros, Leapfrog, Random House and scores of others, Art was the ideal person to help bring Weely and his friends to life.

The result is a visual storybook called the “Magical Dream”, which can be seen for free on YouTube and on this website. Now children, in hospitals and care facilities around the world, can experience the joy and comfort of Weely and his friends. 

Through the bond established between the characters and children, Marilyn intends to listen to the children and continue to write stories.

Please write to Marilyn@WeelyWheelchair.com she'd be delighted to listen :)